Basic question and answers:
​ 1) pictures- do we have to buy? no but if you want to be on the picture board at recital we would like you in the photo.

​2) what color tights do we need? you should have a package of what you want them to get with you at the studio

​3) how do we do our hair for pictures? it doesnt matter, they are for you so do as you like for pictures

​4) how should our hair be done for recital? up to teachers, but little kids can have any hair do as long as its half pulled back and off
​their faces

​5) do we have to stay for grand finale if our baby is tired? no but we would like them to

​6) can the dancers come out in the audience? no , but this year if the babies want to sit with their parents after they are done dancing that is ok

​7) do we wear makeup for pictures? absolutely! why not ? its fun?

​8) do we have to wear makeup at recital? yes , the lights make you look pale, lots of blush, lipstick and shadow

​9) do we need to do our hair for rehearsal? little kids no, big kids if you teacher has a style then yes!

​10) when do we register for next year? at rehearsal or recital- forms available in the lobby!

​11) when is dance olympus fees due if I want to go to camp this summer? at recital-

​12) are there summer dance classes? if we have enough interest in classes we will consider it

​13) what can puffin balances be used towards? lessons, summer dance camp balances will carry over to the next year, unless you quit