We take pride in our studio being a safe place for kids. We encourage and support kids to be unique individuals. This is their space to be able to be comfortable expressing themselves through dance.


We are a team, or some even say a family. Even though we encourage kids to be proud individuals, we also teach them to work together as a dance family. They encourage, support, and collaborate with each other to build friendships and choreography.


Respect is not an option in our studio. We encourage kids to respect everyone in and outside of the studio, period.


Tuition is divided evenly between 8 months, it does not matter how many weeks in each month. Payments are due by the first class in each month! Anything received after the first class will have a $10 late fee on it. All fees including late fees must be paid up in order to perform in recital. 

Payment Options

1. EFT once a month

2. Pay twice a year (4 months each payment)

      Once in September then in January 

3. Pay for entire year (8 month payment)

      Receive  5% off

Family Discounts Available! 

We do fall fundraising that is optional for students to help pay for their lessons, costumes, merchandise, shoes, and tickets!

Payments are nonrefundable for any reason, including full year prepayments!! Make sure dancers are committed before prepaying for a season.

Costume Fees are due the first week in October. If they are not paid by the 15th your costume will not be ordered! If your are with to EFT them, it will be withdrawn on the 12th of October.

Disciplinary Action

 Our procedure for any incidents with students that happen during class is as follows:

1st)- Teacher talks with class or student about inappriate behavior.

2nd)- If not resolved, Owner is notified and options are discussed.

3rd)- The student or class is spoken to about the owners decision. Resolution is preferred handled between students and teacher. If still no resolution, the students parents will be notified and hopefully the problem is resolved.

4th)- If no resolution to the behavior is resolved, student may be expelled from the dance studio and not allowed to perform in the recital. 5th)- Student may not be allowed back at the studio in future years if behavioral problems are not resolved.

We ask that you refrain from posting anything derogatory towards anyone, teachers, or the studio on social media. If you have any issues we ask you follow the chain of command, by first speaking with your teacher, and then secondly coming to Mackenzie via email.


We do not follow school calendars due to having students from multiple different schools. Vacation time is INCLUDED in monthly tuition rates. 

Thanksgiving week we take Wednesday and Thursday off only, for Christmas we take two weeks off, and depending on your individual teacher choice sometimes one week off for spring break.

Dance Attire

All dancers must wear either a leotard or tank top with dance shorts, dance pants, or a ballet skirt. Absolutely NO jeans or t-shirts are allowed in class! Dancers will be asked to change or observe class. 

Pre K through 2nd Grade all in one classes need black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.

3rd through 6th Grade all in one classes need black tap shoes and tan jazz shoes.

7th grade and up will need black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, and will have the option to take pointe as their ballet class.

Hip Hop Classes will need their own pair of clean tennis shoes. (Color or style does not matter unless specified by their teacher, this is usually 7th grade and up)

Lyrical Classes will need a pair of half sole shoes

Musical Theatre Classes will need a pair of tan jazz shoes


 Rehearsal is considered a dance lesson. Everyone is expected to be there. It is full costume rehearsal for the dancers. Parents of Elementary students are expected to stay and help their child change costumes. No child should be left alone! Our teachers are not in charge of your children at rehearsal or the recital! We will start with the grand finale first, then proceed from the beginning to the end. Once your child is done with all their songs you are free to leave.


We have two performances, recitals are not mandatory. You may take class without performing but must inform your teacher at the beginning of the year. Performances are a privilege not a right. We reserve the right to refuse anyone or any class the right to perform in our recitals due to disciplinary actions. Your fees pay for your lessons only.

Wearing Make up is recommended and must be put on at home! We recommend blush, eye makeup, and lipstick to help show the dancers face in the bright stage lighting. Any glitter spray or glitter is not allowed in the schools so you must put this on at home!

Hair can be worn however the dancer desires, unless discussed differently in class, but MUST be out of the dancers face.

Picture Day

We take professional pictures in March. You are under no obligation to purchase any pictures, but we do want you there for our group photos. Pictures dates, time, and locations will be determined after the season begins.